Hobby Components Target Boards, STM Development Boards and much more now on sale!

New items now on sale at   HOBBY COMPONENTS TARGET / PROTOTYPING / ZIF BUNDLES This prototyping/programming board is designed for use with the Atmel ATMega48P, ATMega168P, & ATmega328P microcontrollers. The board has a number of features including a 24×12 0.1″ grid prototyping area specifically laid out to match the pin-out of these devices….

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sigrok announces Hobby Components as the first official supplier of dedicated hardware!

  We’re happy to announce that our popular low cost 8 channel logic analyser is now the first officially dedicated hardware for the excellent open source sigrok signal analysis software. You can check out sigrok’s announcement via their blog site: Using the analyser together with sigrok’s PulseView or sigrok-cli (command line version) software you…

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