Hobby Components Lithium Micro Charger, ESP32 CAM Dev Board, ESP-ARGB Controller and more…

Hobby Components Lithium Micro Charger


The Hobby Components micro charger is a tiny single cell (3.7V) lithium battery charger module which not only incorporates both battery charging protection and control, but also includes battery voltage & current over discharge protection and battery overload protection. Measuring only 27 x 14mm this tiny module can easily be incorporated into low power lithium battery applications.

The charger will accept power from either a 5V microUSB adapter or via a 4.5 to 6V power supply and will charge a connected single cell lithium battery at a rate of ~0.5A.

18650 3.7V Lithium Battery Holder


A single cell 18650 lithium battery holder with +Ve (red) and -Ve (black) solderable fly leads to allow easy connection screw terminals or soldering to a PCB. Once inserted the battery is held very firmly but can also be removed for recharging or replacement without requiring tools. There is a single screw hole at the base of the holder for permanently mounting using an M3 countersunk screw.

Hobby Components ESP-ARGB Controller


The ESP-ARGB is a general purpose RGB+W LED light controller based on the popular Expressive ESP8266 wireless microcontroller. It combines an ESP8266 ESP-07 wireless module with four MOSFET transistors. These transistors are connected to the ESPs PWM output pins making it easy to perform independent power control of up to 4 connected devices. Each transistor can switch up to a maximum current of 2A and a maximum voltage of 12V DC.

ESP32-CAM ESP32 Development Board With Camera


The ESP32-CAM is a WIFI + Bluetooth dual-mode development board based on the ESP32 microcontroller. It can be used as a standard ESP32 development board but also includes two additional features of an SVGA camera LED flash, and TF card socket.

The ESP32-CAM is fully supported by the Arduino IDE via the boards manager feature and includes examples (see forum here for setup and webcam example).

ESP32-CAM Programming Adapter Board


This adapter board is specifically designed for the ESP32-CAM development board (HCDVBD0041). It allows the ESP32-CAM to be powered and automatically programmed from a computers USB port. It is also fully compatible with the Arduino IDE allowing sketches to be automatically uploaded just like any other Arduino development board.

For USB connection the adapter board uses the common CH340 USB driver IC and connection is via a microUSB interface (microUSB cable not supplied).

SY8205 7 To 30 Input, 3.3V/5V/9V/12V 5A Output DC TO DC Module


A compact DC to DC power supply module that can accept a wide input voltage range of 7 to 30V (< 24V recommended) with a high current output capability. By default the module will convert the input voltage to a stable 5V output. However by use of solderable pads the output voltage can be changed to either 3.3V, 9V, or 12V should a different voltage be required. Input and output connections are via large solderable pads.

SY8205 7 To 30 Input, 5V 5A Output DC TO DC Module


A compact DC to DC power supply module that can accept a wide input voltage range of 7 to 30V (< 24V recommended) with a high current output capability. The module will step down the input voltage to a fixed stable 5V output. Input and output connections are via large solderable pads and also includes a grid of pads in an arrangement for powering multiple servos (max number of servos will be dependant on power requirements of each servo), or just for convenient connection of multiple 5V devices. Should you not require the additional pads these can be broken off leaving the main large output pads.

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