New ESP8266 Based Home Sensor!

Well, after a lot of work and effort, our new ESP8266 based home sensor is finally available!

Its array of sensors makes it great for monitoring the environmental conditions and occupancy of a room wirelessly. Being ESP8266 based it is compatible with the Arduino IDE and we have provided a simple library with example sketches to interface to the on-board sensors making developing your own sketches as straightforward as possible.

Alternatively the module is compatible with existing Arduino/ESP/MQTT libraries and also off-the-shelf firmware such as Tasmota or ESPHome allowing it to be integrated with home automation software like Home Assistant.

You can see the full spec on our support forum here along with details on programming the board, pinouts, arduino setup guide, example sketches, schematic and the ESP Home Sensor Library.

You can purchase the ESP8266 Home Sensor here.

Want more? Oh, OK then!

We even have STL files for those of you who have access to/own a 3D printer! You can see these on Thingyverse here.

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