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Hi everyone! Just a quick heads up that we’ve added a new Youtube video with information on the mLink 4×4 Matrix Keypad.

All the relevant links mentioned in the video are below and we look forward to uploading more videos for your enjoyment soon!

Hobby Components Support Forum:

mLink Range on Hobby Components:

mLink 4×4 Matrix Module at Hobby Components:×4-matrix-keypad

Uno Plus:

Male to Female Dupont Cable:

mLink 4×4 Matrix Module on the Support Forum:

mLink Library:

Raspberry Pi Users

PIP command: pip install hc-mlink

Support Forum page for Pi users:

Arduino Sketch

/* FILE:    Matrix_4x4_Keypad_Read_Key.ino
   DATE:    31/03/23
   VERSION: 1.0
   AUTHOR:  Andrew Davies

This sketch uses the mLink library to read the status of a key on the mLink
4x4 matrix keypad (SKU: HCMODU0188). The result will be output to the serial
monitor window.

The keypad status is read using the, KEYPAD_4X4_KEY)
function. This function will return 0 if no key is pressed or the ASCII value 
of the key if a key is pressed. Note that the function will return 0 on the 
next read even if the key is still pressed.
If you wish to know if the key is still pressed you can read the key state 
reg using the following function:

boolean keyState = mLink.Keypad_4x4_Key_Down(I2C_ADD);

This will return a 1 if a key is pressed or a 0 if no key is pressed

Please see Licence.txt in the library folder for terms of use.

#include "mLink.h"                                    // Include the library

mLink mLink;                                          // Create an instance of the library

#define I2C_ADD 0x55                                  // Default I2C address

void setup() 
  mLink.init();                                       // Initialise the library

void loop() 
  char key =, KEYPAD_4X4_KEY);     // Read the key status

  if(key)                                             // Has a key been pressed ?
    Serial.print("Key: ");                            // If so then output the key to the serial monitor

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