Make a full colour moving message display with just an Arduino pin! – Library for controlling WS2812 RGM LEDS

To compliment two of our latest product releases we have now released a brand new Arduino library for controlling WS2812 based RGB LED products. You can check out the following compatible products for this library on our website here: Digitally controlled 8x RGB LED Light Strip (HCMODU0075) Flexible Digitally Controlled RGB LED strips (HCOPTO0028) Using…

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HCMAX7219 Library update – Now you can create a moving dot matrix display!

We’ve now updated our HCMAX7219 led driver library to support serial dot matrix displays such as our dot matrix module shown in the above image. The library supports multiple drivers connected in series and a built-in alphanumeric font to make displaying text and numbers simple. With the new added commands it is easy to make a…

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Arduino: Demystifying the blink sketch for the absolute beginner

So you’ve taken the plunge… You’ve decided to buy yourself an Arduino development board. You’ve figured out how to get the development environment installed and you’ve even managed to download the example blink sketch that most getting started tutorials will point you towards ( This sketch is meant to be as simple a program as possible…

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