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Our latest video covers the mLink NTC temperature sensor. This is a serial I2C module that interfaces to a wired remote NTC sensor probe. The module continuously takes measurements and provides the results in centigrade via the I2C interface. The probe itself is on a 2 metre wire, so it’s quite a long one, making it extremely useful. It’s also waterproof.

This post explains how to install the library.

Arduino Connections Diagram


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mLink NTC Temperature Sensor Module

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And here’s the Youtube Video

Arduino Sketch

/* FILE:    NTC_Read.ino
   DATE:    24/03/22
   VERSION: 1.0
   AUTHOR:  Andrew Davies

This sketch uses the mLink library to read the temperature (in oC) 
from the mLink NTC Temperature sensor module (SKU: HCMODU0186).

Please see Licence.txt in the library folder for terms of use.

#include "mLink.h"                          // Include the library

mLink mLink;                                // Create an instance of the library

#define I2C_ADD 0x54                        // Default I2C address

void setup() 
  mLink.init();                             // Initialise the library

void loop() 
  float temp = mLink.NTC_Temp(I2C_ADD);     // Get the temperature in oC
  Serial.print("Temperature: "); Serial.println(temp);
  delay(1000);                              // Wait a second before reading again

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